Smita I

Smita I., Accountant “That encouragement (from the Program Manager) boosted my confidence and helped me realize that I needed to strengthen my skills set to be more competitive.” Before I came to Canada, I was working as an Accountant in … Continue reading

Jenny Z.

Jenny Z., Executive Assistant to the President of an aviation company “I was given opportunities to attend all kinds of workshops to gain the knowledge relevant to my field and job search tactics.” I used to work in the United … Continue reading

Jeya S

 WSC Scholarship and Bursary fund gave me a good start in my professional path. Thank you very much WSC! Continue reading

Wanda D

My work placement has been a tremendous help professionally as I transition to full time work. Continue reading

Anastasiia I

I am working at TD Canada Trust as a Customer Service Representative and using all the knowledge I`ve gained while studying at WSC Continue reading

Kiin O

Courses in ‘Communication and Self-Confidence’ has taught me how to respect myself and communicate in a more professional manner Continue reading

Yasmin G

I felt good and more confident about myself knowing that from that point on, I was starting a new career; learning new skills and acquiring lots of new friends and experiences Continue reading

Bebi A

With a career diploma in hand, I have never felt more secure and positive about myself as an individual than I am now! Continue reading

Elena N

I needed some help paying for the course and applied to the WSC Bursary Fund; this financial aid made it possible for me to move ahead with my life.
Continue reading

Rocio N

I feel stronger in many areas like MS Office, multi-line switchboard etc. I am sure that working in a medical field is going to help me to reach the goal that I have Continue reading

Oksana B

They taught us to see many sides of learning just one subject. Using their own examples, I’ve learned how to be attentive to anything you do and anyone you meet. Continue reading

Hajra K

I found that WSC is really good academy especially for new immigrants to train them to work and live in Canadian work environment comfortably Continue reading

Malini G

My communications skills are improved and this builds my confidence and gives me a positive attitude. Continue reading

Caridad G

My self esteem came back, my old skills improved, and I became my own person, the one that I used to be when I worked and succeeded in life, all with the support of the teachers and the college’s staff. Continue reading

Tatiana M

My biggest worry was how I could possibly afford to take the programs; the answer came when I was awarded a $1,000 bursary from the WSC Scholarship and Bursary Fund. Continue reading

Maxine B

The Bursary Fund was my path to a career in Canada. The funds meant I could afford to attend a program where I learned about the Canadian workplace. Continue reading

Firas Y

There are so many opportunities out there, and WSC has diploma courses that can be finished in a short time and with amazing teachers who can help you achieve all your goals. Continue reading

Lorraine K

I am at my first job as an Accounting Assistant. I’m getting a chance to put into practice specific tasks that I learned in my Computerized Accounting Diploma at Academy of Computers & Employment Skills, WSC’s career college. Continue reading

Monique S

They did not only help me, they also helped me provide a better future for my children. Continue reading

Marina N

When I came to Canada in 2009 from Romania I was 24. So I had not so much life experience, but still I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in back home. I had a little bit of work experience … Continue reading

Beatrice M

Before I came to Canada, I was working as a Customer Executive Assistant in my country Kenya. When I came to Working Skills Centre (WSC), I was not so certain about the training I was going to undertake. I didn’t … Continue reading

Theresia Alli

I was born in South America, and I came to Canada in 1990 as a child. Before I came here, life was not hard for my family and me. My parents were doing well for themselves. It was mainly because … Continue reading