If you are a Diploma graduate from  A.C.E.S, you have access to individualized employment counselling and job development services.

Your Graduate Services Team can help you

  • Plan your career goals and avail counselling
  • Assess your skills for employment readiness
  • Direct or improve your job search efforts
  • Get relevant work experience in your field

We can

  • Assist you in identifying areas in your job search process that can be improved.
  • Give feedback and assistance in preparing résumés to match a specific job posting and successfully market your skills with cover letters that will help you land an interview.
  • Address interview concerns and give tips on how to prepare for an interview. Learn how to answer common behavioural questions geared specifically to your target area of employment.
  • Arrange mock interviews, video tape your trial interview, and provide feedback.
  • Invite resource people for relevant workshops such as Employment Standards and Employees’ Rights at Work.
  • Arrange work experience through referrals to community agencies, private sector, and employers.
  • Match you with employment offers from public or private sector companies.
  • Teach you how to develop job maintenance skills in order to stay in the job over the long term.

Call us now at 416-703-7770 to arrange an appointment for personalized assistance or learn more about our service offerings.

Following completion of an academic program, the six-week job placement component provides graduates with hands-on experience to complement their newly-acquired theoretical knowledge. This program enables participants to build practical skills, further their knowledge of the Canadian workplace, increase their network, get work references and acquire confidence.

Most employers appreciate the opportunities this program allows to assess potential employees, decreasing hiring risk. Knowledgeable and motivated graduates are  enthusiastic, providing new ideas, approaches, and applying relevant skills which impact positively on any organization.

Wages are not mandatory and there is no obligation to hire after placement. Some employers, however, choose to recognize the participant’s contribution by offering an honorarium or a weekly allowance. WSC can provide the opportunity of an extended job trial period or even subsidies, negotiating with employers, to help you land a job.

WSC has established ongoing working relationships with over 200 local employers who have hosted work placements and/or hired our participants.  Our team of qualified Employment Counsellors and Job Developers will work with you to research local companies, identify potential opportunities for placements, and connect with employers.

We also provide continuing support even beyond the time participants successfully find suitable work.  Getting a job is a huge accomplishment, but it is equally important to recognize the importance of strong job maintenance skills.