Ready to hire?  We can give you a hand.  Our Employment Services Team is committed to helping employers connect with talented individuals who are ready and motivated to work. We prepare people to meet the standards required in today’s workplace and satisfy staffing needs by assisting employers with recruitment, job placement and matching pre-screened candidates.

Our Diploma programs prepare candidates for positions in the fields of Medical Reception, Office Administration, Desktop Publishing, and Computerized Accounting.

Following completion of an academic program, the six-week job placement component provides graduates the hands-on experience to complement their theoretical knowledge. This program enables participants to build practical skills, further their knowledge of Canadian workplace, increase their network, get work references and acquire confidence.

Most employers appreciate the opportunities this program allows to assess potential employees, decreasing hiring risk. Knowledgeable and motivated graduates are often enthusiastic to provide new ideas, approaches, and apply relevant skills which could only impact positively on any organization.

Wages are not mandatory and there is no obligation to hire after placement. Some employers, however, choose to recognize the participant’s contribution by offering an honorarium, or weekly allowance. WSC can provide the opportunity of an extended job trial period or even subsidies.
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Our Graduates

  • Are job-ready candidates, pre-screened and trained to meet your staffing needs
  • Have the necessary qualifications and skills to work in their area of expertise
  • Are eager to work and learn to further develop their skills in a practical setting
  • Are available throughout the year

What we can do for you

  • Graduate pre-selection and recruitment services to lower hiring risk
  • WSIB coverage
  • Opportunity to try out prospective employees before making a commitment to hire
  • Possible access to additional incentives to offset hiring cost
  • Promote diversity in the Canadian workplace and a sense of community involvement
  • Retention services – we will monitor and support graduates throughout the 6-week placement and beyond should you decide to hire
  • Career development seminars, industry-specific presentations and workshops
  • Free job postings on our website and job boards in our Employment Resource Centre

WSC Staffing Services

WSC is currently exploring a special service mirroring a temp agency but including added employment support services. WSC Staffing Services has operated for the past year as a pilot project providing qualified employees to two organizations. WSC hires, puts the candidate on WSC’s payroll, assumes all remittance and WSIB coverage, and is responsile for job performance reviews. WSC has a grant from Enterprising Non-Profits Toronto (enp-to) to further explore this new social enterprise.