Looking for work? We can help. Around 320 individuals register annually from our skills training program and many found jobs or got promotions!

Our services don’t end when you get the job. We continue to support you through a job maintenance program, honing in on specific areas for ongoing professional development. We make it our business to care about your success.

Job seekers

Have you been applying for jobs with no results? How prepared are you for planning and conducting an effective job search?

Our in-class workshops will assist you with challenges associated with job search and connect you with other students who share the same concerns under the guidance and support of our knowledgeable and caring career counsellors. You will develop a personal plan and learn to track your job search activities.

Learn more about our effective job search techniques and strategies.

Our Graduates

If you are a Diploma course graduate at A.C.E.S, you have access to individualized employment counselling and job development services.  Your Graduate Services Team can help you.

Employment Resource Centre

Our Employment Resource Centre (ERC) is ready for your visit, with qualified staff that can assist you on a one-on-one basis, providing structured and directed job search support.

If you’re ready for a more self-directed job search, drop in and utilize our workstations, equipped with computers, phones, online and printed resources like Scott’s Directory and Findhelp-211.  Make it a habit to check our job boards where you will find sector-specific listings of current openings and job fairs.

Need more in-depth information? Research the labour market and more with our library of printed resources. WSC has compiled many current and helpful resources for job seekers to help with job search tips and labour market trends.

Check back in for more details on upcoming workshops offered at our Employment Resource Centre or Contact Us to register.