Bebi A

Before I came to Canada, I lived in Guyana with my family. Living in the capital of Guyana, Georgetown was beneficial as we were surrounded by public schools, social and religious communities, business and shopping institutions. I finished my secondary schooling up to Gr.12 with average marks, and then went on to work in a large scale manufacturing retail store as a supervisor. I was unable to attend a post- secondary institute due to socioeconomic reasons. Nevertheless, my life in Guyana was filled with happiness and contentment, surrounded by the people I loved the most. My parents had planned a better future for myself and siblings, as they believed opportunities abound outside Guyana. That’s how I came to Canada.

Before coming to Working Skills Centre (WSC), I was without full-time work for about four years. I had the skills and experience needed to fit certain positions but did not have the required educational credentials. For this reason, my employment counsellor at Social Services found me fit to be referred for the Medical Receptionist course at WSC. As a teenager, I aspired to have a career in the medical field but it remained a dream. My employment counsellor gave me the courage to enter this program with an open mind.

In the first week of the Medical Receptionist program, I was unsure how far I would be able to continue with this course. I felt incapable of memorizing the terminology for the medical part of this program and keeping up with the assignments and presentations I needed to complete it. My communications and medical instructors encouraged me to continue on with the program as they saw something in me I could not see in myself.

With a career diploma in hand, I have never felt more secure and positive about myself as an individual than I am now! This is all thanks to WSC and their team of helpful instructors and staff. As well, thanks to the funders for allowing people with economic difficulties achieve their dreams.

Currently, I am now completing my volunteer placement at Toronto General Hospital. I am enjoying this opportunity and see doing this in the long-term. I will continue to search for meaningful work and hopeful that I will have full-time employment as a Medical Receptionist in the very near future!

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