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On February 1, 2012 Employment Ontario announced that it would no longer be funding 14 Practice Firms throughout Ontario. In spite of great success in assisting Internationally Trained Individuals (ITI) to secure employment in their fields, these programs were seen as expensive and therefore not cost effective. WSC’ Practice Firm, a virtual supply chain business, was established in 2005 and since that time had provided employment preparation to over 500 ITI in six sectors: IT, HR, Administration, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Supply Chain Management, including Warehousing, Material Management, Inventory Control, and general supply chain functions. The program at WSC was unique as it had introduced SAP implementation projects in Finance, HR and Supply Chain.

WSC is pleased to announce that the SAP implementation and end user work experience is continuing as an independent initiative, lead by qualified mentors who were working previously with the Practice Firm project. The new SAP programs include 4 weeks of training followed by4 weeks of practice application. While operating as a fee-for-service initiative, in the first 6 months, 20 individuals have completed the program and several have already been hired within weeks of completing the practice experience.

“Staying on the leading edge is critical,” says Executive Director, Honey Crossley, “if we are to assist Internationally Trained Individuals to obtain work commensurate with their training and experience from their home countries.” SAP FICO (Financial and Control), SAP HR, and SAP Supply Chain is available to newcomers and Canadian born candidates who want to secure employment and need to upgrade their skills and understand this technology.

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