Working Skills Centre (WSC) provides a continuum of services, some in partnership with other community agencies, to empower immigrants to move along the
Track to Employment.

Mission Statement

Working Skills Centre (WSC) is an innovative, community-based, non-profit, charitable organization that empowers immigrants, primarily women. Our purpose is to prepare our clients to fully participate in Canadian society by providing education, work experience, and settlement services that ultimately lead to employment.

  • Settlement services: Information and referral, solution-focused counselling, orientation to Canada,
  • Language improvement courses: Business English, Workplace Communications, sector-specific terminology
  • Academy of Computer & Employment Skills (A.C.E.S.): a private career college offering six approved diploma programs and over 50 individual certificate courses designed to assist individuals to achieve their career goals and enhance employability.
  • Occupation-Specific Training, Sector-Specific Career Development, and Employment Essentials:  5-year contract with City of Toronto to provide courses for Ontario Works recipients
  • Career Assessment and Counselling
  • Job search:  Your success in getting a job is our reward.
  • Citizenship Test Preparation

Are you on track to employment?

We recognize the challenges you may face while seeking and keeping employment.

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