Since 1978, Working Skills Centre (WSC) has been providing a holistic program to help individuals overcome barriers to employment and move towards economic self-sufficiency. While mandated to serve a broader clientele throughout the greater Toronto area (GTA), our mission statement reflects the emphasis on programs for immigrant women geared towards improving their skills, self-esteem and employment prospects.

Mission statement

Working Skills Centre (WSC) is an innovative, community-based, non-profit, charitable organization that empowers immigrants, primarily women. Our purpose is to prepare our clients to fully participate in Canadian society by providing skills training, work experience, and settlement services that ultimately lead to employment.

We proudly serve

  • Unemployed immigrants, primarily women
  • Individuals looking into skills training or professional development to advance employment opportunities
  • Individuals, particularly women, demonstrating commitment to excel against economic and personal barriers through education and employment to positively change their future
  • Community agencies seeking services for their clients
  • Employers who need their employees to upgrade their skills or want to hire new employees with competencies in specific areas, particularly in Accounting, Office Administration, Medical Reception, and Supply Chain

Why are we suited to help you?

There are a number of reasons why we are the right choice to help you on your track to employment and journey to success.

  • We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience as a support agency.
  • We are a leader in developing services needed by immigrants, especially women. We provide settlement services, skills training, work experience, enabling you to obtain employment in your career sectors and become self-sufficient.
  • Program Impact:
    • Over 55,000 immigrants mostly women helped since 1978
    • Over 3,000 information and referral calls each year
    • 320 students register annually in our skills training programs
    • 70% of our diploma program graduates found employment in their fields
    • 83% of internationally-trained professional immigrants completing 8-12 week work experience obtained jobs in their fields within six months
  • We help prepare newcomers to meet the standards required in today’s workplace through a unique education opportunity that blends curriculum, approved as vocational programs under the P.C.C.A., 2005,  with settlement and employment readiness services, contributing to the overall improvement of the social and economic fabric of our community.
  • WSC has received accolades and recognition from politicians, corporate leaders, employers, and organizations as an important change agent for newcomers in Toronto. Read messages from our Prime Minister Harper, Premier Dalton McGuinty, Toronto Vital Ideas.
  • Client feedback is extremely positive, reflected in the fact that the majority of referrals are word of mouth from satisfied customers. Read what program graduates have to say about us: Testimonials
  • We encourage a work environment that uses our diverse capabilities to build strong connections, deliver unbiased support, and be responsive to the needs of the individuals and communities we serve, treating each one with respect and dignity.
  • Most importantly, we understand.