The WSC Older Adults Program for was launched in 2018 with the goal of engaging seniors in the community in a capacity that leverages their knowledge and expertise. The theme for this year is “Seniors Empowering Newcomers and Job Seekers Across Generations.” A core team of older adult volunteers meets on regular basis and organizes activities to provide support and informal mentoring to newcomers and job seekers. They organize business communication classes, guest speakers and field trips for newcomers. The core team also organizes team building events and social café type activities for older adults.

If you would like to become a volunteer in the WSC Older Adults Program or participate in our activities please contact Ansuya Chetty at 416-703-7770/ 647-778-2514 or

This program is made possible through a grant from the New Horizons for Seniors Program, Service Canada.

Nature Walk 03-Oct-2018


Two years ago after I retired from the Banking Industry with expertise in business management, team leadership and mentoring I wanted to give my time, skills and energy to volunteering at a non-profit organization. The opportunity presented itself at Working Skills Centre (WSC).

A couple of months ago I facilitated at WSC a Job Search Networking Group. The participants were comprised of seniors and young adults who were looking for jobs. With my recruitment experience I provided guidance and support in their job search and interview process moreover stressing the importance of volunteering.

The rewards that I receive at WSC are huge – the satisfaction that as a senior I can transfer my knowledge and wisdom and give back to the community.

~Alice Bonavia

Not long ago I moved to Toronto and needed to put down new community and volunteering roots. I offered my services to the Working Skills Center. I am a retiree with many years of work experience both in Canada’s high tech industry and the public service, I also have many decades of experience volunteering with newcomers to Canada who need support in developing their mastery of English reading, writing and speaking.

Luckily the staff at WSC were able to see how my experience in business communication, knowledge of the hiring process and language training might dovetail well with some of the Center’s classes. That is how I came to be a co-facilitator the business communication and job search classes.

It has been tremendously gratifying for me to share my knowledge and contribute to building the working skills of the clients I have encountered. The WSC have made me feel welcome and appreciated. As with most volunteer experiences, I have received at least as much as I have given. I hope other seniors like me can find a good fit for giving back at the Working Skills Center.

~Sophie Kohn Kaminsky