GMETRIX Frequently Asked Questions

We offer certification vouchers for both the single and retake exams; any exam purchased from WSC is bundled with an hour access to the GMETRIX (SMS) performance-based testing program.

If the candidate purchases a voucher from another provider they must pay a Proctor Fee.

Would I simply make an appointment at your centre at some time during the 90 day period and write the exam there? What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, all you would need to do is make an appointment and write the exam in our testing centre. All fees are paid at the time of the booking. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Personal Cheque and Cash.

Also, do you offer any exam preparation resources or courses?
Absolutely, yes!  We have cutting edge software by GMetrix which helps boost a candidates test taking skills and confidence by providing tests and working against the clock in a similar format to the actual certification exam.

GMetrix Skills Management System (SMS) is a performance-based testing program that can be used for identifying areas of need for training in preparing for a certification exam. Practise tests are available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access titles and are designed to complement the Microsoft Certification exams by providing tests in a similar format to the actual exams. A scored report with areas for review is available to the candidate after completing a practise test.

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