This 36-hour course instructs students on the use of Simply Accounting’s General Ledger, Payable, Receivables, Inventory and Project Costing Modules. Students learn how to develop a standard set of financial reports. One of the most popular accounting software programs on the market, learning Simply Accounting is a must to work in financial administration.

Course Length

36 hours

Text Book

Quickbooks in the Classroom, Intuit Canada Ltd.

Method of Evaluation

  • Practical Exercises 10%
  • Participation 10%
  • Mid-Term Exam 40%
  • Final Exam 40% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Customizing Quickbooks for a company
  • Managing employee payroll and taxes
  • Transferring funds
  • Reconciling chequing accounts


  • Able to create and maintain a companies financial electronic records via Quickbooks
  • Learning how to Create Quickreports & exporting to MS Excel
  • Learning how to maintain inventory & tracking
  • Payments to tax agencies, suppliers and more
  • Customizing invoices, layouts and forms
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