PowerPoint takes your MS WORD document and brings it to life. You will learn to create slides using wizards and many of the software’s functions to show off your data, charts, photos and other information. Your will learn how to set up a presentation and then create and present a presentation on a topic of your choice.

Course Length

27 hours

Text Book

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, CCI Learning Solutions, Courseware Developer: Jonathan Jacobson, ISBN: 978-1-55332-295-5
  • Courseware Download: http://ccilearning.com

    On CCI Learning Web Page Enter Courseware #: 3246

Method of Evaluation

  • Practical Exercises 10%
  • Participation 30%
  • Presentation 60%



  • Understand the uses of PowerPoint for Marketing
  • Know the general guidelines of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Familiarity with all the functions and special effects available in PowerPoint


  • Able to create a new presentation, inserting slides using slide layout, using content
    slides from a Word or Excel file
  • Able to customize slides using design websites

    Able to present a presentation

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