This module teaches the use of Microsoft Outlook 2013 as a tool for personal information management program. The participant will learn to create, store and organize email messages, names and addresses, and lists of tasks, appointments and meetings.

Course Length

12 hours

Text Book

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, CCI Learning Solutions, Courseware Developer: Sue Wong, ISBN: 978-1-55332-297-9
  • Courseware Download:

    On CCI Learning Web Page Enter Courseware #: 3242

Method of Evaluation

  • Practical Exercises 20%
  • Practice Exam (Quiz) 10%
  • Participation 10%
  • Final Exam 60% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Know the parts of Outlook and uses
  • Know how to navigate in mail and create messages
  • Know how to update an address book
  • Know how to use customize mail
  • Know how to use the calendar, create and update appointments
  • Know how to create and update tasks


  • Able to create, customize and manage emails
  • Able to create and manage appointments
  • Able to create and manage tasks
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