Access is Microsoft’s powerful database tool. Using Access you will learn to store, retrieve, and report on information. You will be able to sort, make queries, create reports, and understand all the functions of a relational database.

Course Length

75 hours

Text Book

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Access 2013, , C., 2013, ISBN: 0-13-363945-2
  • Courseware Download:

    On CCI Learning Web Page Enter Courseware #: 3245

Method of Evaluation

  • Practical Exercises 20%
  • Participation 20%
  • Final Exam 60% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Understand the use of databases for business research and predicting trends
  • Understand the use of different functions in Access
  • Understand the use of different fundraising
  • Understand the use of different job search and employer contacts
  • Understand how tables, forms, reports, and queries differ and how they can be
    used to make business decisions


  • Able to use an ERD and Data dictionary, to design tables using the right data types
    and assign the primary key
  • Relate tables and choose the proper specifications for the relationships
  • Create and modify Queries
  • Create and modify forms and reports
  • Create reports which allow for business decisions to be made
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