This module trains for habitual familiarity in medical billing as applied in an office setting using Nightingale, one of the most popular and soon to be Ministry of Health approved softwares. The participant is to understand and apply Nightingale in organizing and tracking office procedures and information. Participants will address many of the business procedures that occur in a medical office by use of a business narrative derived from a case study. A list of personnel and duties involved will give the participant some appreciation of the duties of a medical receptionist. The participant will then set up Abelmed, entering the suitable for the office’s particulars. The participant will then enter data for individual providers, cites, pharmacies, etc. Scheduling will be done, as well as recording diagnoses and tracking prescriptions, daily reports, and daily EDT.

Course Length

45 hours

Text Book

  • Workbook prepared by Working Skills Centre, developed by the Instructor

Method of Evaluation

  • Assignment 20%
  • Participation 20%
  • Final Exam 60% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Understand the necessity and importance of electronic record keeping
  • know the importance of accurate and detailed data entry
  • Be able to retrieve and present data in appropriate mediums


  • Can identify which form and field data must be entered into
  • Can identify what data needs to be added in order to complete procedures
  • Produce an accounts receivable report, daysheet
  • Create the electronic data transfer for the Ministry of Health
Medical Office Administration