In this program the participants will learn basic computer operations. They will be learning the fundamentals of MS Excel 2013, including how to use spreadsheets, how to set up and sort data, how to print financial information and charts, and how to insert worksheets and calculate numeric functions.

Course Length

21 hours

Text Book

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2010 – Introduction, CCI Learning Solutions, Courseware Developer: Kenny Lee, ISBN: 978-1-55332-294-8

    Courseware Download:

    On CCI Learning Web Page Enter Courseware #: 3243

Method of Evaluation

  • Participation 20%
  • Practical Exercises 40%
  • Final Exam 40% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Basic understanding of Workbooks, Worksheets and Files in Excel
  • Understand the ability of Excel to work with formulas, present data, and its
    usefulness as a problem-solving tool


  • Able to create a worksheet
  • Able to present data in Excel
  • Able to work between software applications to record data
Microsoft Applications