In this module the participant will learn to understand the communication process and learn to communicate effectively in the Canadian workplace environment. The participant will gain the necessary language communication skills through specific vocabulary, techniques, activities and office practices.

Course Length

57 hours

Text Book

  • Key to Successful Communication by Paul J., Donoghue, Mary E. Siegel
  • Active Listening: Building For Understanding By Marc Helgesen And Steven Brown

Method of Evaluation

  • Participation 30%
  • Assignments 10%
  • Presentation 20%
  • Final Exam 40% (minimum 65%=pass)



  • Know how to listen appropriately and communicate effectively on the telephone
    and in person in the Canadian Workplace
  • Know how to read and interpret information from reports and understand sectorspecific vocabulary used in Canada
  • Know and understand how to take messages by confirming and clarifying, compose memos, agendas, minutes, reports and feel confident about their knowledge of soft skills needed in the Canadian workplace
  • Know tools to deal with situations and emotions when expectations are not being met
  • Understand expectations of employers and employees in Canada
  • Understand good office etiquette and cultural differences as an important survival skill in the corporate world in Canada
  • Good understanding of employer and employee expectations related to problem solving effectively in the Canadian workplace


  • Able to communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Able to make small talk in an office environment
  • Able to deal with situations in the workplace
  • Able to understand the subtle difference between workplace in Canada and the
    workplace in home countries
  • Able to demonstrate good office etiquette
  • Able to respond to pressure in fast paced Canadian office environment
  • Able to problem solve
  • Able to think creatively
Business English