Yasmin G

I was looking to change my career even before moving from Chile to Canada.  When I arrived here, I was hoping for better job opportunities and a better future for my daughter and I. When I got to Canada I felt a little lost and alone for some time, which is normal without your family and friends from your country of origin. I could say from my experience that was really hard at first but with the motivation and desire to succeed, everything is possible.

When I discovered Working Skills Centre’s Academy of Computer & Employment Skills (A.C.E.S.) and got admitted as a student, I felt good and more confident about myself knowing that from that point on, I was starting a new career; learning new skills and acquiring lots of new friends and experiences.

When I finished my  Administrative Assistant with Desktop Publishing Diploma Program plus the 6 week job placement, I felt more motivated and  self-sufficient, knowing that I could do any task assigned to me. It’s nice to look back and see that I am now job ready, thanks to amazing staff and instructors at A.C.E.S., lots of hard work, and positive thinking.

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