Rocio N

I have a background in Optometry and a certification in Visual Rehabilitation, and worked in that area for many years in my country Columbia.  In October 2007, I moved to Canada.

For quite some time, I felt hopeless because I could not find an opportunity to get a certificate or diploma to continue working in my field or in the health sector without getting into a big debt. I needed not only a diploma but also the knowledge of the Canadian workplace.

I didn’t know where to go, nor what to do. I could not find an open door. When I found out about Working Skills Centre (WSC), I prayed to God to help me get in and study here, and  I got it!

I really enjoyed every class and felt grateful for the dedication and support of my teachers, job counsellors and WSC staff. Each one of them gave their best. I worked hard and tried to do my best. It was very challenging for me because of the language barrier but in the end I felt happy; all my marks were over 90. At WSC, I truly found a home.

Now that I finished my course I feel confident and hopeful that my life is going to change. I can earn a salary that will help my family live better.

Today is the beginning of my new life. I feel stronger in many areas like computer proficiency. I am sure that working in a medical field is going to help me reach the goal that I have –  working as Optometrist Assistant.

I am sending my résumé to many places and applying for a voluntary work in some places where I would like to work.

Recently I was interviewed by the Toronto Star for the Vital Signs report, along with Honey Crossley, the Executive Director. I told them that “finally I found my place to progress” when I came to WSC. “I came here for an opportunity to improve quality of life. It is a way to work in the medical environment. I am really happy.”

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