Oksana B

I came to Canada in November 2007 from Ukraine. It was hard to leave friends and family, but circumstances made it impossible for us to stay.

I did not know that I will be able to achieve a good education (theoretical and practical) without having the ability to pay for it. It seemed to me like a miracle. I was surprised by the number of people who wanted to study at this College. So I made my own research and compared Working Skills Centre (WSC) and other similar centres. It showed that WSC gives much more opportunities after graduating than any other center.

When I applied for the first time for the program I’ve chosen, I did not get through so I decided to wait for the next opportunity. After six months I was luckier and was accepted. Now I understand that it was right decision and I am happy that I found WSC.

I met to great teachers, who showed us a new world. They taught us to see many sides of learning just one subject. Using their own examples, I’ve learned how to be attentive to anything you do and anyone you meet.

I am going now through my Job Placement at organisation which gave me opportunity to apply all my graphic design knowledge by utilizing all the software I knew and gain more new ones. WSC helped me to find this organization and cooperated with it.

I am looking for a suitable job and hopefully I will get it because of wonderful skills and knowledge.

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