Jeya S

Before I came to Canada from Sri Lanka in October 1999, I was working as a bookkeeper in my country. I was forced to leave my job and my country because of the war. In my country, I was working ten years in the same company and earned a very good salary.

After I came to Canada I got married and had two children. In September 2010,  both my kids started to go to school. My husband doesn’t have permanent income so I tried to get a job. I tried so many ways but couldn’t get any. So I decided to upgrade my skills. I came to Working Skills Centre (WSC).

After attending the program, I have my career diploma in Accounting. With more confidence, I know and hope that I can land a good job to help my family have a better future.

I love accounting and would love to further my studies and perhaps take up CGA. WSC Scholarship and Bursary fund gave me a good start in my professional path. Thank you very much WSC!

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