Elena N

Before I came to Canada, I had tried to find all the necessary information to integrate quickly into society. I had tried to find the right place and information that will help me to update myself and show me how the Canadian accounting system operates.

When I came to Working Skills Centre (WSC), I had found the right course, Simply Accounting, which was required in Canada if you want to perform a job as an accountant, and to find a job easier. I needed some help paying for the course and applied to the WSC Bursary Fund; this financial aid made it possible for me to move ahead with my life.

After I finished the course, I was able to understand how the accounting system works in Canada and how to apply this software. Knowing Simply Accounting was a step forward to my accomplishments, but this was not enough for me to accomplish what I want to achieve.

Knowing the necessary accounting software helped to register in a co-op program that will help me get the Canadian experience, which every employer requires when it comes to hiring somebody. Hopefully I will get the job that will fit my knowledge.

Now I am in the co-op program, and I am also studying the Chartered General Accounts (CGA) program at the same time.

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